René Seindal

I’ve done lots of things in life, and in the process I’ve learned a bit, which I to share with others. I like it that way: doing, learning, sharing.

Guiding and leading

In the last ten years I’ve mostly been occupied with guided tours in kayak in Venice, and I’ve learned the pleasure of giving others extraordinary and memorable experiences.

I’ve had at least ten thousand persons on my kayak tours in Venice, and this taught me a lot about managing small groups, even in difficult conditions, and at the same time offer a pleasant, adventurous and informative experience.

René kayaking on the Grand Canal around Christmas
Corte del Milion with Byzantine artwork

History and Storytelling

History has always been my passion and interest, and when I finally left university, it was with an M.A. in History.

I’ve inserted it into my kayak tours, and bringing that experience from the kayak on shore, I’ve created History Walks Venice.

Here I offer walks and boat tours with historical themes, for small groups with bespoke content, so as to give each guest the best I can.

Photography in Venice

Photography has always been a hobby of mine. In Venice I’ve tried to develop my photography further, by following a series of courses and activities to learn and grow.

One of the results is personal photographic project Venice Street Photography.

Newly weds in St Mark's square
René rowing a gondola

Living Venice

Nothing beats fooling around in boats, and one of the first things I did in Venice, was to sign up for Venetian rowing lessons in the local club.

Later I got my own boats, among these also a used gondola, with which I offered rowing lessons. The gondola is now in the museum at Lazzaretto Nuovo.

I’m working with Classic Boats Venice as a guide on their tours in the Venetian lagoon, in traditional Venetian boats with an electrical engine.

Photos by René Sindal and Martina Sola.